Soča Valley

A crossroad of experience for all ages and tastes.

The Soča Valley is Slovenia’s natural paradise. Fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, suping, walking, alpinism, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and paragliding are just some of the valley’s most popular adventures. The untouched beauties of Triglav National Park, themed trails and stunning views, mountain pastures, centuries of local heritage and knowledge hidden in local products, great restaurants, famous events or just a romantic walks along the emerald river banks are the perfect place for the active people and those to whom the nature is close. The valley is also known for the Isonzo Front. During World War I, it was the site of one of the largest and bloodiest mountain battles in the world. Hemingway’s novel “Goodbye Armour” describes some of the events of that time. Today, we are reminded to that by battle lines and fortifications, all of which are located in this stunning natural surroundings. The Adriatic Sea is only an hour’s drive away from this mountain valley. The blend of Mediterranean and alpine climate, geographical shapes and wildlife is also quite evident in local daily life – solid and reliable mountain people are blessed with mediterranean hospitality and the joy of living. The Soča Valley is a beautiful place that will remain in your memory.


Adrenaline enthusiasts can choose from ziplines, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, and skiing in winter.


The picturesque, clean and untouched nature offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation, meditation and retreat from the daily worries.


Fans of lively vacations and crazy concert nights will be able to spend your holidays at one of the world-renowned music festivals.


Your classroom for life will be museums, open-air museums and remains that are reminiscent of World War I.


And when you will think that this is all you can experience on this small piece of Slovenia, your taste buds will dance at trying our local dishes.